Graphics Design

Graphic design uses all kinds of visual tools to build a picture of your organisation, and to bring the customer closer to your purpose.

Print Design Arts graphic design is created using the latest techniques, and the oldest. Our artwork might be created on a computer in full 3D, or it might be hand drawn or painted by one of our skilled illustrators, and usually includes a combination of both!

Web + Digital Media

Web and digital media covers everything that happens via the internet, and the wide range of computer-based technology that we use in everyday life.

Print Design Arts has expertise in a wide range of web and digital based disciplines including website design and development, through to app creation for mobile phones and tablets.

Print Media

Print media plays a very important role in meeting your communication needs, but throws up all kinds of challenges that demand an experienced team is on your side.

Print Design Arts has long standing relationships with highly professional and experienced printers, and the suppliers of quality papers and other print materials that are needed for your printing project. This means we get the best results, and at the most competitive prices.

Print Media

Print Design Arts provides training in the following areas:

  1. Graphic Design and Illustration
  2. Social Media and Online Marketing
  3. E-Commerce for Beginners

target audience

All our communication is targeted to today’s diverse audiences.

We have undertaken an in depth study of audiences and the ever increasing array of media they use. The insights gained drive the creation and development of all creative communication in the following areas.

We Are Into Arts

We are passionate about creating an arts community that is vibrant, healthy and growing.


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