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Cafe, Retaurant and F&B Poster Stands (Pull-Up Stand, Banner Stand, Roll-Up Stand)

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As a food and beverage (F&B) operator or owner runnning a cafe or restaurant, there is always a need to project the food and drinks you are selling.

Whether you run a snacks booth, cafe, coffeshop, restaurant, cake shop, ice-cream parlour or bubble tea shop, this might be relevant to you.

Ice Cream Poster and Banner

Foot traffic around your cafe or restaurant is a valuable sales funnel. Walk-ins can contribute as much as 90% of daily sales. What better way to attract that traffic than to promote and show your menu.

Customers visually look at how the food is presented and then they will look at the setting /deco, prices and special offers.

The menu promotion must have good visuals to attract the eyes of the customer. They must be bold, colourful and most important of all tickle their taste buds just by sight. It helps too if the aroma of your food is captivating.

Ever walk past a pizza / lasagne shop and smell the powering parmesan cheese?

Visual attraction must be implemented to help F&B operators increase their sales.

Pizza Banner

Common visual marketing includes pull-up stand / banner stand / roll-Up stand, chalk boards, posters, banners, etc.

We can help you choose what is suitable for you to attract more customers to your establishment.